Work under way at St. Helier, Jersey

 20 August 2021
Work under way  at St. Helier, Jersey

Work is well underway at Albert Dock in St.Helier, Jersey, where we are a specialist sub-contractor to Geomarine, a local civil engineering contractor. In 2014 / 2015 we worked with them on the construction of berths 4 and 5 at Albert Pier together with an access bridge, and we are now back again replacing berths 1, 2 and 3 and installing an identical access bridge.

The pontoons with grey decking and handrails to the left in image 1 are commercial berths with GRP mesh decking for heavy duty applications.  When completed there will be a gate separating them from the leisure berths and they will have three, heavy duty, Tubaflotes finger pontoons extending out from them; 28, 25 and 12 metres long respectively. The piles to secure the ends of the two longer pontoons are already in position. Geomarine’s contract completion date is mid October 2021.

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