Heavy Duty & Commercial Pontoons

Heavy Duty & Commercial Pontoons

We offer a range of options to customers seeking high-specification pontoons for exposed locations, larger leisure boats and superyachts, and commercial / public sector applications. Commercial and working harbour pontoons will exhibit higher live loadings and will be designed to resist greater berthing forces than standard marina pontoon equipment.

Our heavy-duty units can range from upgraded standard pontoons which benefit from additional buoyancy, reinforced frames and higher freeboard together with more substantial timber or concrete decking through to continuous buoyancy, steel or all concrete floating structures offering wave attenuating characteristics.

Jumbo pontoon

In its standard form, the Walcon Jumbo pontoon measures 11 metres by 3 metres and has an unladen freeboard of 750mm and a live load of 2.5 kN/m². Construction is in mild steel with an all welded structure galvanised to EN ISO 1461 and it features side channels measuring 260mm. The buoyancy for each unit is provided by six, extra-deep, Walcon fibre concrete protected expanded polystyrene floats arranged in a catamaran layout.


Waliflote is a heavy-duty steel commercial pontoon and continuous buoyancy concrete flotation unit for the safe loading of marina services and equipment.

The original Waliflote floating pontoon unit was developed for the heavy services loading that was required for the Brighton marina pontoon facility. The design has since evolved and  is now supplied with either a concrete pontoon deck finish with hardwood fenders or a traditional pontoon finish with a galvanised steel frame clad in hardwood timber boards and fenders. It can be used with the System 21 floating pontoon superstructure or on its own with a concrete deck to which epoxy screeds, paints and other decorative treatments can be applied.

Waliflote floating pontoons offer continuous buoyancy and therefore exhibit wave attenuating characteristics which can be used to good effect in areas where wave heights are marginal for safe marina development. They deliver exceptional stability and are low maintenance.

Waliflotes come in 3 sizes: standard, Super Waliflote and Jumbo Waliflote, and include flexible connections, fixings and a choice of decking. Freeboards (with decking) range from 500 to 700mm and live loading from 3 to 5.5kN/m².

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Docking Solutions

The Docking Solutions product is the most durable option in Walcon’s heavy-duty range. A commercial grade pontoon, it is used by harbour and port authorities, search and rescue services and the MoD, as well as marinas serving leisure users.  It is also a dependable solution for exposed and mixed-use harbours . It is specifically designed to withstand high-intensity use by working vessels such as fishing boats, wind-farm support vessels, harbour patrols and ferries, with minimal maintenance.

The majority of the pontoons are made from use thin wall, large diameter tubular steel, mounted in a catamaran configuration with welded cross tubes proving an extremely strong, rigid and stable platform. Their intrinsic strength and versatility allow them to be designed for maximum buoyancy, loading and geometric requirements without relying on the deck frame for strength. twin tubular steel floats in a catamaran configuration braced by welded cross tubes to deliver exceptional strength and durability. They can be fabricated for almost any length and breadth, and in high-freeboard configurations.

For extra heavy-duty applications where the berthing vessels have a high freeboard, additional fender-off panels can be fitted so that the vessel can be moored snugly against the pontoon with minimal movement. Bridges built to a similar specification can be supplied.

Key features include:

  • Fully customisable to meet specific requirements
  • Exceptionally durable and rigid
  • Impact resistant
  • Superb all-weather stability
  • Range of decking options
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Economical, modular steel floats are also available

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Due to a policy of continuous product development, Walcon reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice.

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