Emergency & Rescue

Emergency & Rescue

Emergency cabinets contain fire fighting, first aid and water rescue equipment for marina, floating pontoons and yacht harbour safety. Other pontoon equipment and accessories such as alarms, lights and phones provide extra security and help in an emergency.

Emergency equipment large emergency cabinet (MH1)

Glass reinforced panel emergency cabinet as standard: 2 No.9kg dry powder fire extinguishers, first aid box, axe and lifebelt. Optional additional items include vandal alarm, integral light and emergency telephone.

Small emergency cabinet (MH2)

Similar emergency cabinet to MH1 but smaller with standard inventory: 1 No.9kg dry powder fire extinguisher and lifebelt. An integral light is an optional extra.

Emergency ladder (MH3)

Emergency ladders are used to enable someone who has fallen into the water to climb back on to floating pontoons. Made of glass reinforced plastic (GRP) these emergency ladders may be fixed directly to walkways, pontoons or to quayside pile guides.

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