Walcon Wizard

This purpose-built, state-of-the-art, self-propelled piling barge was commissioned by Walcon to support the company’s marina construction activities. With its shallow draft and powerful engines, the Wizard can respond rapidly to requests for piling or maintenance works on harbour beacons, entrance buoys and other structures in otherwise inaccessible areas.

A familiar sight along the south coast of England, as well as further afield, the purpose-built Walcon Wizard is a self-propelled barge, 25 metres in length and 11 meters across. Its primary activity is piling and support for general marina construction and it has a crawler crane mounted on board for these purposes. Highly manoeuvrable, this twin-engine, self-propelled, shallow draft construction barge has many uses and can access areas that few others can. It has 150m² of available deck space and can carry up to 165 tonnes of equipment.

Walcon Wizard Photo Gallery

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