Marina Maintenance

Marina Maintenance

Pontoons, walkways, access bridges and other marina and yacht harbour equipment are subject to continual movement and fluctuation in stresses and must be regarded more as plant than static equipment. Site conditions vary widely in marinas and the degree of maintenance required for different marina projects will vary correspondingly.

The Walcon Marine marina maintenance service features:

  • Regular inspections
  • Structural reports
  • Comprehensive servicing of floats, decks, timber, and moorings

Typical maintenance procedures:

  • Joints – these are the most vulnerable part of any pontoon system. Loose joints cause wear and these should be inspected and tightened annually and after any severe weather. Joints fitted to pontoons that ground regularly may suffer twisting and bending over time. The rubber connection blocks will also harden over time
  • Floats – if undamaged no maintenance is required
  • Steel structures – check for local damage, clean and repaint where necessary
  • Aluminium structures – no maintenance required
  • Mooring points and chain moorings – regular checks for distortions in the layout, changes in curvature of the walkways or changes in the tensions of chain, leading to adjustments where necessary
  • Pile moorings – wear blocks on the pontoon deck frame will need replacing over time
  • Timber decking – should be kept clean by pressure washing or scrubbing

Marina Service Contract

Walcon engineers will inspect and prepare a full maintenance report on any marina installation with recommendations for urgent and desirable work. The gGeneral marina maintenance and yacht harbour maintenance advice is given to assist in obtaining the maximum life from marina equipment.

A comprehensive service is included in Walcon’s range of marina installation activities. An annual contract is offered to cover regular maintenance on Walcon installed marinas, pontoons, walkways and access bridges together with an emergency call-out service where appropriate.

Each contract is negotiated to suit the exposure, location and type of marina construction system used. As an alternative, experienced Walcon engineers may be retained to prepare a structural report on any marina or other type of marine floating structure.

Due to a policy of continuous product development, Walcon reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice.

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