Mooring Fixings

Mooring Fixings

Mooring Cleats (MH4 fixed and MHS4s Sliding)

The Walcon twin-posted cast aluminium deck cleat can be fitted to all standard units with a simple through- bolt connection. The assembly has been load-tested to 3 tonnes in line and 1 tonne laterally. Mooring cleats on System 2000 pontoon walkways are fitted into a groove on the side extrusion and may be simply moved by sliding.

Heavy Duty Mooring Cleat (MH10)

A new heavy duty deck cleat from Walcon for pontoons and walkways which features a 4 bolt though deck fixing for additional security.

Loading is 3 tonne on the mooring cleat in any direction.

Mooring Bollard (MH5)

The Walcon cast aluminium bollard can be fitted to the corner of each System 21 and with a special adaptor plate to System 2000 walkways. The bollard has been load-tested to 5 tonnes in each direction.

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