Rebuild at Royal Navy's Jupiter Point

 25 January 2021
Rebuild at Royal Navy's Jupiter Point

Twenty-three years after Walcon delivered the original Jupiter Point berthing installation to the Royal Navy, the company has been back at the naval training facility for high-speed RIB and jet-ski operations in Cornwall. Its brief, to replace the entire structure with new, updated equipment to allow it to continue its important role in training naval personnel in a range of seamanship skills.

The two-stage project involved first installing a new 43m bridge and an alongside docking area for RIBs and launches, the latter constructed using Walcon’s heavy-duty Jumbo pontoons, fitted with mesh decking. This was followed by the second stage, the replacement plus extension of the floating storage and launch slipways for the RIBs. This was achieved using twenty, 10-metre long, low-level sloping concrete pontoons to allow for easy launching and retrieval. Situated in an exposed location and subject to intensive, often inexperienced, use the facility has been built to withstand heavy punishment over the long term.

Also ideal for recreational and leisure use
On-the-water rapid launch facilities of this type are also highly suitable for leisure and recreational usage. Sailing clubs, sailing schools and waterside hotels and resorts can benefit from the ability to store boats on but not in the water rather than taking up valuable water-side land that could be put to more profitable use. The time and effort spent in launch and retrieval is also greatly reduced, thereby potentially increasing utilisation rates of the craft. The alongside berthing featured at Jupiter Point is also ideal for use by safety, keel and other, larger leisure boats. Pontoon specifications can be adjusted to reflect the intended usage.

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