Ocean Village remodelling completed

Added on 15 June 2018

The refurbishment and extension by Walcon Marine of MDL’s Ocean Village Marina in Southampton is now largely completed. The work was done in three parts; with the main marina being replaced first followed by a new marina being installed outside the hotel. Finally some additional pontoons are being installed around the site.

This has been a major project with Walcon involved from the outset in the design of the new layout before manufacturing the new pontoons. It is also removing the old infrastructure as part of a phased programme running alongside the installation of the new units. The Walcon Wizard barge has undertaken all the necessary piling extractions and driving.

A key feature of the new marina is the introduction of a Pier P, with the P standing for platinum. For higher paying clients Walcon has designed and built customised, high-spec pontoons that feature underdeck services rather than pedestals, branded cleats and smart services using keypads and mobiles. Other services and privileges are accessed onshore.

The walkways, piers and pontoons have been constructed using Walcon’s proven and durable System 21 product. Walcon’s heavy-duty, wave-attenuating Waliflote pontoons have also been used near the marina entrance to provide protection from excess wash and wave action when the wind is from the south-east. For the decking, MDL has specified a composite format. An attractive dark grey colour, it will be long-lasting as well as visually appealing. Walcon is happy to work with clients to find exactly the decking material that works best for them and their customers.

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