Walcon Barges

Walcon operates three barges that are available for a wide range of uses. Together they enhance Walcon’s ability to transport and store equipment afloat and also, as stable platforms with large open work spaces, offer a wide range of additional capabilities including piling, rapid response for marina maintenance, contract support, shallow draft work and other civil engineering support.

Walcon Wizard - a familiar sight along the south coast of England as well as further afield, the purpose-built Walcon Wizard is a self-propelled barge, 25 metres in length and 11 meters across. Its primary activity is piling and support for general marina construction and it has a crawler crane mounted on board for these purposes. Highly manoeuvrable, this twin-engined, self-propelled, shallow draft construction barge has many uses and can access areas that few others can. It has 150m² of available deck space and can carry up to 165 tonnes of equipment.

Walcon Warrior – launched in 2015, the Warrior measures 21 metres in length and 10 metres across. Twin engines and Schottel pump jets give her a top speed of 7 to 8 knots. The wheel house has mess facilities for up to four crew.  With a 40 tonne capacity it offers a cost-effective alternative to the common tug and barge combination and is also much more manoeuvrable with a draft of just 500-600 mm. She also operates as a standalone working platform when fitted with her Palfinger PK32080C Hiab crane or a 40 tonne crawler crane.

Walcon Wolf – also launched in 2015, the 24 by 10 metre Wolf is a dumb barge that can be towed by the Warrior, Wizard or another vessel. Her primary purpose is the transportation of materials and equipment, but she is also suitable for the mounting of light cranes and other equipment. Another function is as offshore storage for pontoons and other equipment while installations are underway in areas where onshore storage is limited. She has 200m² of clear deck space and draws just 600mm. With a crane mounted on the deck, the Wolf can also undertake its own light marine construction activities.

The barges are available for charter when not in use by Walcon, both individually and together.

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