System 2000
A modern aluminium-structured floating pontoon system

The unique modern design of System 2000 floating pontoons comprises special aluminium extrusions, hardwood decking and concrete floats. It has been developed as a result of our continuous research programme and practical experience in aluminium pontoon design and manufacture over the past 35 years.

The System 2000 pontoon design has the following features:

  • Aluminium structure using specially commissioned extrusions.
  • Tried and tested Walcon concrete floats using expanded polystyrene floats encased in fibre concrete.
  • A modular pontoon design enabling most floating platform and walkway layouts to be achieved using standard units.
  • Complete flexibility of finger pontoon positioning.
  • Full provision for the increasingly complex service requirements of modern marinas and yacht harbours.
  • A sensible blend of durability and economy.
  • A marina pontoon system suitably robust for use in most sheltered harbour sites worldwide.
  • Various freeboards and live loadings available.

Durable aluminium structure
Considerable care has been taken through extensive long term testing to ensure the aluminium alloy used is suitable for use in marine environments. A series of tests were conducted on System 2000 modular pontoon prototype units to establish their structural adequacy.

Easy maintenance
Maintenance services have often been an afterthought in marina construction and floating pontoon systems, but easy access to cables and pontoon connections during installation and subsequently for maintenance saves money.

System 2000 floating walkways may be fitted with continuous ducts along both sides of the platforms which give direct access to services and connections without the need to remove decking.

Due to a policy of continuous product development, Walcon reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice.

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