Walcon Inhibitor
Preventing regrowth of algae in marinas

All marina and yacht harbour operators are faced with trying to prevent algal growth on their pontoons and walkways.

Used on a regular basis, Walcon Inhibitor is effective in stopping algae regrowth and is an ideal substitute for sodium hypochlorite and other environmentally-damaging strong chemical marine algae treatments.

Features of the Walcon Inhibitor anti-algae treatment:

  • Straight from the container
  • Works on the surfaces of most marina walkways, pontoons, jetties and access bridges
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Inhibits algal regrowth
  • Spray-on anti-algae application
  • Sodium hypochlorite substitute
  • Removes algae and inhibits future algae growth
  • Economical

Use the product straight from the container without dilution and apply by spray directly onto the concrete surface or pontoon decking or walkway.

Walcon Inhibitor will inhibit further algal germination for some time.

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